November 2017

Australia's population to hit 37 million people in 2050!

Every few years the ABS releases a forecast of our expected population in 2050. It is no surprise that they increase their forecast every time, but you may be surprised by just how much!

  • The 2003 forecast for 2050 was 26.4m
  • The 2006 forecast for 2050 was 28.1m
  • The 2008 forecast for 2050 was 34.0m
  • The 2013 forecast for 2050 was 37.6m

Let's look at this more closely...

Our current population is 24.5m (which is pretty close to the 2050 estimate from 2003!)

In 2013 the ABS forecast a 2050 population of 37.6m, which is another 13.1m people. That works out to 410,000 more people per year, or 34,000 per month.

And their next forecast (which is overdue) will surely be higher again!

All of these extra people must surely be a positive sign for the stability of our property markets over the long term.

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