November 2017

Buy Property Online and Sight Unseen - NOT!

You can buy clothes on-line, you can buy furniture online. You can even apply for a credit card or home loan online, but how about real estate - would you buy a property online?

Over the past decade we have been regularly approached by software gurus working on an "amazing new portal" that will allow people to buy property online. They will have high definition 3D walk throughs with the ability to change fixtures and fittings, look at the view and drill down into the location and the surrounding amenities. They plan to get rich from the comfort of their bedrooms, as people buy properties from them on-line and sight unseen!

But we have never actually seen any of these websites go live!

Why? Because they all finally realise (sometimes after spending large sums of time and money) that real estate is actually a people business. And even though most people generally don't like talking to real estate agents, when they are making a decision as big as buying a property, they will. No matter how good the fly through and videos are, there is no substitute to physically visiting the actual location and discussing the property with an actual person.

All of the current technology available today is marvelous, and when properly used provides buyers with tools to quickly browse through a multitude of options and shortlist the best ones for them. Which they will visit, in person, and talk to an agent.

If you want to view some actual properties, or talk to a real human - talk to us! We have a number of Sydney projects open this weekend, and our phones are (almost) always on!