March 2018

Easter Eggs and Sabbaticals

It's a 4 day long weekend, and while you are enjoying a well-deserved break, so are we!

Our St. Ives penthouse will open for inspection, but all the other project sales office are closed.

In breaking news, Carl Heath has decided to take a long sabbatical, and spend some time in Vietnam focussing on his Charity work with Rotary International and Destiny Rescue. He says it's not retirement - but it sounds a lot like that to me!

I would like to take this opportunity to wish him all the very best for his time overseas, and I know that his hard work, wisdom and enthusiasm will make him an extremely valuable asset to those charities.

He will no doubt be missed by the PropertySource team and our clients, but on a positive note I finally get to use his fancy chair!

Have a happy and safe Easter holiday!