January 2019

First Home Buyers Breaking Records

First home buyers are super active at the moment. In November, almost 10,500 first-home buyers took out a home loan, just off the 9 year high. And as a proportion of all buyers, the share of first-home buyers is at 6-year high at 18.3%. Read more.

Last week we reported that new apartment approvals in Sydney were down by 53% last year. This week the HIA reported that new residential building starts for the Sept18 quarter fell by 6%. This is another indicator that there will be a smaller pipeline of supply in the not too distant future. Read more.

Last nights $107m Powerball winner will no doubt be offered plenty of advice and one journalist has compiled a list of 5 homes for the winner to buy, and still have plenty of money left over! Read more.

If you are in the market for a property we would love to see you at one of our projects over the weekend. If not stay cool and don't get sunburnt (as my son did twice this week - hopefully he learned his lesson!)