February 2018

RBA calls Sydney a Superstar City!

Sydney is officially a Superstar city according to Reserve Bank of Australia Governor Philip Lowe. It is in good company with Melbourne, Auckland, Vancouver, Toronto, Stockholm, Amsterdam and San Francisco also on the list.

Basically people are prepared to pay a lot more to live in certain cities” he said. Read more…

Michael Yardney continued the Sydney Superstar city praise, “Not only are there more job opportunities, but a large proportion of the higher income earners reside here.” Read more…

Did you know that despite Sydney housing just over 20% of the total population, it accounts for over 40% of overseas migration into Australia.

This highlights the underlying demand both locally and internationally and underpins the long term prospects of this great city of ours.

In other good news, interest rates remain unchanged this month and the RBA said that there is no case for a near-term adjustment in monetary policy - looks like they will remain low for quite some time.

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