June 2018

Should I sell my property in Sydney?

And so ends another financial year - I hope it was a profitable one for you!

I just received the shortlist for the 2018 World Architecture Festival, and was delighted to see that Australian projects feature across 18 of the 20 completed buildings categories. Read more...

An article quoting Phil Tarrant from Smart Property Investor also caught my eye this week, when someone asked him "Is it time to sell your properties in Sydney?"

His (abbreviated) answer is gold...

Sydney is Sydney!

It's a world class city, and it will remain a global landmark.

Getting out of it will have repercussions. Investors can move to Queensland or Western Australia, but should you decide to re-enter the Sydney market, it might be a lot harder than when you first stepped onto the property ladder years ago. Read more...

I agree with him. It would be a big mistake to sell your Sydney property and try to find the next hotspot.

Right now Sydney is on sale like JB-HiFi - and the smart investors are doing their homework and buying with a 10 year plan in mind - not selling.