October 2018

Sydney Real Estate Roundup...

The sunshine looks like it might finally be back after quite a few weeks of hiding - lets hope so anyways.

Some news from around the traps...

  • RiskWise Property Research ran a story that demand for units in Greater Sydney has seen them achieve capital growth for the past five years of 54.7%. And while the current downturn shows some small price reductions, in the medium and long term, solid growth and unaffordability are not expected to be major issues. Read more.
  • Terry Ryder lists his Top 20 worst crash predictions. No.1 on this list was a US spruiker called Jordan Wirsz who visited Australia in 2012 and forecast a 60% fall in home values and that land values would decline 90%. Can you imagine that? He was claiming that our residential land would be virtually worthless. Read more.
  • Peter Switzer tells us to stop reading crap and learn these 5 get rich lessons. Read them here.

We have plenty of projects across Sydney for sale, and we will be open for inspections on Saturday, and some even on Sunday!

I hope to see you at one of them.