July 2018

Sydney real estate investors must take a long term view.

It was great to have a room full of property investors turn up for the presentation of "After the Boom" on Tuesday night. I would like to thank Paul Denny, Ivanna Bazzano-Hymers and the terrific team from Paul Denny Conveyancing for the invitation to speak, and for running such a professional event. There was a brief moment of panic when the projector decided not to talk to the laptop (after working perfectly well the day before), but it was quickly resolved, and the nerves were calmed with a glass of wine!

While doing the research for my talk, 2 things stood out as being super-important…

1. Every single graph that I could find online of the long term performance of real estate in Sydney showed strong growth (try it yourself!)

2. The amount of infrastructure being built in Sydney at the moment is simply unbelievable. Airports, hospitals, metro trains, light rail, tunnels, motorways, and the list goes on. The combined value is somewhere north of $100bn.

Sure the real estate market has cooled down, but the long term outlook for Sydney is terrific.

All the investors I spoke to after the event where clearly focussed on securing a good deal in this “buyers’ market”, and capitalising on Sydney’s long term potential over the next 7 to 10 years.

Can you imagine how phenomenal Sydney will be in 2028? And the median price is likely to be over $2m!

But if you don’t get on board the real estate train you can’t come for the ride!