August 2017

Unique Building Names In Sydney

Today we launched a rather strangely named building in Merrylands called 'Wigmund', which made us reflect upon the various ways in which project names are chosen.

There is often a personal meaning behind a project name. It may be a child's name, or a wife's names (though more rarely). It could be a favourite jewel like our Strathfield project 'Emerald', the street name like 'The William' in Granville, or a local flora, such as 'Jasmine' in Lane Cove.

'Vision' in Hornsby is an apartment complex and church being built side by side, and the developer Northpoint Constructions reviewed the church website for naming inspiration. They noticed that in the Church Mission Statement, the word vision had been printed twice by mistake - clearly it was a sign from God! Or a case of double vision!?!

Our St Ives developers, who had previously only used flowers, left the naming to the marketing people. They combined a popular garden flower (Rose) with the dominant industry in the area 100 years ago (a Timber Mill), and came up with 'Rosemill'. Smart!

The name 'Wigmund' is certainly unusual. When I quizzed the developers Tudor Constructions, they explained that they named their projects from some local connection to ancient history! In this case, the project address is Wayman Place, and 'Wigmund' happens to be the old English name for Wayman. It actually means “shining fighter, bright warrior”, and even has its own Coat of Arms, see the website www.wigmundmerrylands.com.au for more details.

We would be interested to hear what you would you call your project?