February 2018

What Property Developers can expect for 2018

Do you ever wonder how property developers think? What makes them tick? And what macro and micro economic parameters are important to them as they make their buying and planning decisions?

Well some of these questions are answered in this week’s article from Urban Developer “Market Outlook: What Developers Can Expect for 2018”. It is a must read for property developers and anyone else who is interested in the property market and the economic climate in general.

Highlights include…

  • How to identity future hot spots.
  • Changing buyer demographics and the shift towards first home buyers and owner occupiers.
  • What is keeping interest rates low (hint: low inflation and low wage growth).
  • The housing bubble, and how economically speaking, we simply don’t approve enough dwellings nationally to create the large bubble that the media is hyping.

Click here for the full article.

We have quite a few properties open for inspection this weekend around Sydney – see the list below for details and times.