Developing Your Property

At PropertySource we understand that successful projects start well before the ground breaks and we take enormous pride in collaborating with our clients from inception to ensure that a premium project is delivered with a smooth transaction.

We ensure that our developers have a win-win strategy, which means that the project must be a win for them from a profitability point of view, but it must also be a win for the buyers who want live-ability, value for money and a solid long term investment.

We focus on 4 clear steps to ensure a projects success…


Our team works closely with the architect and designers to ensure that all the project elements are appropriate to the target audience including layout, interior design, finishes (internal and external), building amenities and unit mix.


Virtually all property searches start online, and we understand how to position your property for maximum exposure with minimum spend.

We project manage the entire marketing process, including branding, collateral creation, model design, PR, digital media, search engine optimisation, display suite, brochures, flyers, mailers, computer generated images, and other sales materials such as detailed schedule of finishes.

We firmly believe that ‘what you can measure you can manage’, so we track enquiries from all sources on a daily basis to ensure that we are reaching the target market, and to best understand where to focus our campaigns.


Our specialist sales team use the marketing tools to contact all campaign enquiries and close sales at the highest possible price.

In addition to the normal sales channels, we have a large network of conjunction agents, property advisors, buyers agents, financial planners, SMSF professionals, accountants and mortgage brokers who require access to quality new properties for their clients. We have strong connections with China, and Mandarin speaking staff promoting our projects internationally.

Developers are provided with 24/7 access to our on-line price lists, tracking and sales reports.


A successful settlement requires careful management of valuations, finance, final inspections, and handover.

If the buyer is an investor, we also provide professional property management services to enhance the lasting quality of the property, maximize property income and value, and balance resident needs with ownership objectives.

At PropertySource we focus on creating enduring, long-term relationships and we make decisions based on a sound perspective that has been cultivated over years of experience. Our emphasis on creating value is the foundation of lasting associations with all of our clients.