Something for everyone...

It has been a busy week, with sales in every single one of our projects. We sold out Jasmine @ Lane Cove, and settled a number of units in Iris @ Thornleigh and Aspect @ Carlingford. Congratulations to the owners who are now busily moving into their new homes.

We have a handful of apartments available in Aspect @ Carlingford that are ready to move ... Read more »

215,123 homes need to be built every year until 2050!

Well, Carl finally jumped on the plane to Vietnam, and from time to time I will provide you with some highlights of his charity work. You can read more about his charity here - Destiny Rescue.

Back to real estate - if you are thinking that the amount of construction in Sydney (and other capital cities) has gone mad, then you need to have a close look ... Read more »

Australian property prices among worlds most expensive! (LA Times: 1992)

Carl started his sabbatical last week, so why is his face is still on the email you ask?

Well he doesn't actually leave the country until the end of next week and I told him he needs to sell our clients penthouse in St Ives before he goes - he lives in the building and knows it better than anyone!

During the week I received a newspaper clipping from 1992 ... Read more »

Easter Eggs and Sabbaticals

It's a 4 day long weekend, and while you are enjoying a well-deserved break, so are we!

Our St. Ives penthouse will open for inspection, but all the other project sales office are closed.

In breaking news, Carl Heath has decided to take a long sabbatical, and spend some time in Vietnam focussing on his Charity work with Rotary International and Destiny ... Read more »

Royal Commission Ruffling Banks Feathers

The banking royal commission is ruffling a few feathers, and in response the banks are "self introducing" new systems and processes to improve their compliance, and reduce lending risk. For example Westpac moves to thwart property liar loans with international credit checks. Read more...

Here are some other random items of property news that ... Read more »