The Downsizing Dream

The Sydney property market is not just one market - it is many markets, with many types of buyers. We keep reading about some segments of the market that are having a rough time, which in reality is mostly the enormous generic apartment buildings which were targeted at investors and foreign buyers - both of whom are now pretty much non-existent. ... Read more »

Bad news bears - tell someone who cares!

This afternoon I met with one of our referral partners sales teams, and I thoroughly enjoyed their enthusiasm about educating their clients about property investment. Late in the meeting, one of them asked me why I got into real estate. I always love that question!

I explained that after graduating with an economics/accounting degree way back in ... Read more »

Should I sell my property in Sydney?

And so ends another financial year - I hope it was a profitable one for you!

I just received the shortlist for the 2018 World Architecture Festival, and was delighted to see that Australian projects feature across 18 of the 20 completed buildings categories. Read more...

An article quoting Phil Tarrant from Smart ... Read more »

Moody Analytics report that the property market is cooling not slumping...

Moody Analytics released a report this week that pointed to recent small monthly falls in the Sydney and Melbourne markets as a cooling, rather than a slump.

Looking at Sydney, they focussed separately on houses and apartments, saying that house values rose 12.8% in 2017, and are forecast to decline nearly 5% in 2018 before a recovery in 2019. On ... Read more »

High end property values falling, while affordable properties climbed

Plenty happened around the traps this week, even though it was a short one. One of the more important things was the speech by RBA Governor Philip Lowe on how do we sustain Australia's prosperity. In summary he said...

"Any increase in interest rates looks to be some time away. The Board's view is that by holding rates steady, we can help promote a ... Read more »