60 Mins Puts Property Experts Into Damage Control

60 minutes ran a highly sensational story last Sunday night on the property market. The experts who participated had to move straight into damage control and sheepishly clarify that their comments were taken out of context.

Lets have a quick look at the culprits...

  • Martin North (Digital Finance Analytics) stated that they took the worst case ... Read more »

Bad Banks Belt Borrowers (again!)

It appears that the Royal Commission had very little impact in stopping the banks colluding once again to lift interest rates. Only the NAB refrained at this stage, but let's see how long they can keep their grubby fingers out of the cookie jar (not very long at all I suspect!). Now I do understand the need to balance the shareholder returns with ... Read more »

The OZ Economy is Alive and Kicking!

Peter Switzer never fails to impress or amuse me and his latest article is a must read. I have paraphrased it here - while hopefully not breaching any copyright laws...

"Eat my shorts you negative nannies!"

The Oz economy is looking a lot better than expected. Despite some media outlets doing their best to scare people about housing price collapses ... Read more »

Welcome to Spring!

Welcome to Spring! It seems to come around more quickly each year!

Some interesting stories from the week...

  • The rise of "smart homes" is seeing buyers actively look for developments that have fast connections, that will allow them to control their entire home from their devices. The average home is set to climb from 17 connected ... Read more »

Western Sydney's Population Boom

Australia's population reached 25 million last week, according to official estimates, and it continues to grow every day with a new resident added to Australia every 83 seconds.

Western Sydney is one of the main beneficiaries of this population growth, and it is also the recipient of the most significant government investment ever - the Western Sydney ... Read more »