Negotiate Hard Before Christmas

The lead up to Christmas is hectic, with work to finish and parties to attend. We can hardly believe that there are only 2 more selling weekends before the holidays. 2017 certainly flew by very quickly.

And our developers know that January is traditionally slow for enquiries, and they want to maximise their sales before people go away on holiday. ... Read more »

Smaller Dwellings, Higher Medians and No Crash...

It has been a mish-mash week of property news - here are 3 snippets...

1. AMP Capital chief economist Shane Oliver has dismissed fears that Australia’s economy is about to collapse, arguing that the housing boom has not been built on Chinese money, and has had more to do with strong population growth . He said that “crash calls” have been made for as ... Read more »

Buy Property Online and Sight Unseen - NOT!

You can buy clothes on-line, you can buy furniture online. You can even apply for a credit card or home loan online, but how about real estate - would you buy a property online?

Over the past decade we have been regularly approached by software gurus working on an "amazing new portal" that will allow people to buy property online. They will have high ... Read more »

An avalanche of hysterical nonsense!

We normally don't like to quote entire articles, however we just had to share Terry Ryders observations about the Sydney property market, in his Hotspotting article...

"Stand by for an avalanche of hysterical nonsense from mainstream media as the Sydney property market continues its gradual wind-down after four strong years of price growth.

We’re likely ... Read more »

Australia's population to hit 37 million people in 2050!

Every few years the ABS releases a forecast of our expected population in 2050. It is no surprise that they increase their forecast every time, but you may be surprised by just how much!

  • The 2003 forecast for 2050 was 26.4m
  • The 2006 forecast for 2050 was 28.1m
  • The 2008 forecast for 2050 was 34.0m
  • The 2013 forecast for 2050 was 37.6m

Let's look at ... Read more »